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We manage a database with over 35,000 officers, engineers and ratings, qualified to do any job in the shipping industry.

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Finding the right officers and ratings for all of your ships is critical. Finding the crewing agency who understands your needs is just as essential.

Maritime & Shipping

We manage a huge database with over 35,000 officers, engineers and ratings, who are qualified to do literally any job in the shipping industry.

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Post a job & find excellent candidates being interested in you. Reach the right audience. We post all jobs on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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WANTED: Maritime Security Team Leaders or Maritime Security Officers for duty on board of vessels sailing in open waters.

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Welders, fitters and others apply to work at one of the top maritime repair and building shipyards, to be admired for good skills and great achievements

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What we do

Within our targeted pool of specialized and highly motivated maritime professionals, you’ll encounter the best-of-the-best seafarers, individuals who stay focused on accountability, under every circumstance.

Pay Rolling

For your comfort, we’ve selected a payment provider that speaks shipping. Over 130 countries are being covered, which gives ship managers the opportunity to easily manage payments. Normally, you pay high transaction costs for international payments and seafarers may suffer from uncompetitive FX rates. But now, you don’t pay hidden fees, high commissions or transaction costs. You’ll know it all upfront, and no matter how big of small your transaction, your payment is transferred at a small, nominal and fair service fee. You don’t have to worry any longer about seafarers not being paid on time, country specific regulations or managing a variety of currencies. Anytime, we support you on global payments.

Travel Services

We’ve selected an outstanding specialist in maritime crew travel, who has effectively served thousands of seamen. Their uniqueness is unrivalled: • substantial savings on fares, • familiarization with travel formalities, • providing the exit and entry permits on time, whatever the destination, whenever the departure, • broad knowledge on repatriation issues to and from all international ports. This package makes them one of the best agencies dealing with ship crew movement, at your service.


English for Maritime Professionals OCA has developed special English languages courses for seafarers, both officers and ratings. - Officers - Ratings Maritime Officer Job Interview techniques No matter how experienced the seafarer, many of them encounter difficulties during job interviews. We’ve organized a tailor-made job interview training for maritime officers. Maritime Pre Trip Training The purpose of the Maritime Pre Trip Training is to a higher seafarer’s awareness on all the requirements on-broad of a vessel. Maritime Security Officer The MSO training prepares on a high awareness of the essential skills to find, acquire and secure the job: English language ability, job interview skills, MSO rules of engagement: medical, practical, fire arms on-board.


We assist and consult seafarers in preparing maritime documents, which include: • the initial request for all relevant seafarers’ documents, or exchanging of all the required certificates, • the preparation and/or extending the validity of a seaman’s workbook, • applying for Certificates of Competency or Proficiency, • the confirmation of all Certificates, and essential trainings to upgrade professionally, • advising on medical examinations.

Striving for excellence

We strongly believe that crewing is not just about sifting through resumes. Recruiting is all about attracting and retaining the best talent possible. This makes a solid relationship with our clients essential, which enables us to provide a bespoke recruitment solution.

  • We specialize in putting together a top notch crew..
  • Our recruiters have gone through a European styled change management process.
  • We do acknowledge the significance of cost efficiency.

When it comes to careers and businesses, we give honest and constructive advice and support, being determined to provide our clients with outstanding Maritime professionals. We adhere to the power of the sea, and keep striving for excellence.

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Our Team

Our team of experienced crew managers and HR-consultants work pro-actively; recruiting and selecting the right candidates for each of our overseas business partners.

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Our Partners

We’re specialized in Maritime & Shipping, Yachting, Security and Shipyards.


On a case-by-case base, we offer high quality candidates, who are always thoroughly vetted and well-prepared, before being introduced.

Why Odessa Crewing Agency?

You could say, we recognize the importance of getting it right the first time round, while the candidate’s retention plays a major role in our overall performance.


statementWe strongly believe that crewing is not just about sifting through resumes. This makes a solid relationship with our clients essential, which enables us to provide a bespoke recruitment solution. We use all available resources to make sure that your search request is effectuated; resulting in a successful match. This approach includes database search, advertising in specialist and generalist job boards, marketing to generate candidate pools and using consultant candidate personal networks, up to executive search. Of course,
you will be kept informed of our progress at every stage of the recruitment process.

pndOur commitment to quality at each aspect of the recruitment campaign is a promise to all our business partners. We adhere to all legislation and standards within our industry. Our assurance to you is that all candidates who come from us will be interviewed before they are submitted, and they will be fully briefed on your opportunity.

You can meet our European/Ukrainian management in the main office, centrally located in Odessa, Ukraine. This city forms the core of the maritime industry in South East Europe. From this central location at the Black Sea, we help you in solving any issues that may arise during a seafarer’s engagement.


We specialize in helping clients to put together a top notch crew. In recent years, we have worked for many of them and provided them with highly experienced seafarers, who have been absolutely delighted with our recruitment services across a wide range of vessels.

Our pro-activity

Our staff of recruiters has gone through a European styled change management process, and they have learned how to work pro-actively. Nowadays, our consultants can easily deal with any qualified candidate, who aligns with West-European standards and who truly fits in mixed crews.

Cost efficiency key

We do acknowledge the significance of cost efficiency. Consequently, we have streamlined our operations and made them financially most rewarding for Principals. Our pro-active ability and lean-and-mean operations are dedicated to meeting the objective of offering a strong combination of excellent quality against a highly competitive price.

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